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Utah Sucker

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Hooked into the largest sucker ive ever seen today at the Jordan. Thought it was just a big carp until i got him up to me. He was around 19 or 20". pretty chunky as well. He fought better than a carp too, which surprised me. He tired out much quicker though.
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Was it a utah sucker or a June sucker? Where at on the Jordan were you fishing? I fished the jordan last week for an hour or so right under the bridge on 7800 S and had a ton of bites but no hookups.
I was just down from there. Those could very well have been Suckers. They are VERY subtle when they bite. There are also tons of small mud cats and tiny channels in there as well. Utah suckers look like carp, but have smaller scales and of course a sucker mouth.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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