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Utah's Wondering Wolverine

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Here is a little bit of information on the wolverine that the DWR trapped and collared a year ago this week.

It was posted on FB but if you don't have a account here is the information

#TBT to when we captured and collared a wolverine for the first time in Utah! It happened a year ago this week, so we wanted to share some cool things we learned. In a span of just over three weeks, this small-but-fierce traveler:
Covered 214 miles.
Migrated an average of .43 miles each hour. (Although on some occasions, it covered up to 3 miles in an hour — as the crow flies — in areas with over five feet of snow!)
Crossed from one side of the Uintas to the other four different times.
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Obviously it was in much better shape than I.

Kinda too bad it met its demise.
I do not have facebook.
Do we know what sent the little feller on it’s way to Wolverine Heaven?
I don't have face book either.

Rumor has it died of un-natural cause when it wandered into an area it was not welcome.

I've heard from sources within the DWR and USU that the wolverine's collar quit uploading data a few weeks back for whatever reason.
Maybe so. I would think they went and looked around the last known area.
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