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Utah's Wondering Wolverine

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Here is a little bit of information on the wolverine that the DWR trapped and collared a year ago this week.

It was posted on FB but if you don't have a account here is the information

#TBT to when we captured and collared a wolverine for the first time in Utah! It happened a year ago this week, so we wanted to share some cool things we learned. In a span of just over three weeks, this small-but-fierce traveler:
Covered 214 miles.
Migrated an average of .43 miles each hour. (Although on some occasions, it covered up to 3 miles in an hour — as the crow flies — in areas with over five feet of snow!)
Crossed from one side of the Uintas to the other four different times.
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I know nobody will believe me, but I'd put my hand to the bible and swear to it, i think I saw a wolerine out in Gorden Creek WMA some years ago. 2017 or 2018. I've only been out to that area once, scouting for turkey. I forget exactly where I was, but there was a couple water falls, and an old cabin. I saw this critter on my way back. I was watching where I was walking, saw some movement out of the top corner of my eye, looked up, and saw this dark brown, almost bear like color, thing. It was long, low to the ground, and large.. I think i was maybe 100 to 200 yards away when I saw it. It didn't walk like a bear, and it was unlike ANYTHING i had ever seen. I went up to where it had crossed, and saw some tracks that were also, unlike anything I had ever seen. I might have some video of the tracks somewhere, at the time I was using an action camera i think, so the quality is probably ****ty. Most likely i deleted the footage, as I didn't keep backups of anything back then. While it was something new to me, I figured it was something that's always been here, and chaulked it up as something cool to see, then went about my way and thought nothing more of it.
I believe.

When I was a lad in the 80s we saw one up by Jeremy Ranch on the road back to East Canyon.

We reported it to the DWR and they came to investigate and took plaster casts of the prints.

Dunno whether they ended up tracking it farther or not but it was cool to see it running around a meadow up there
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