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Utah's Wondering Wolverine

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Here is a little bit of information on the wolverine that the DWR trapped and collared a year ago this week.

It was posted on FB but if you don't have a account here is the information

#TBT to when we captured and collared a wolverine for the first time in Utah! It happened a year ago this week, so we wanted to share some cool things we learned. In a span of just over three weeks, this small-but-fierce traveler:
Covered 214 miles.
Migrated an average of .43 miles each hour. (Although on some occasions, it covered up to 3 miles in an hour — as the crow flies — in areas with over five feet of snow!)
Crossed from one side of the Uintas to the other four different times.
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Lonehunter THINKS he saw a wolverine, in a year he doesn’t know in a place he doesn’t remember where it was at.

This is more reliable than many of the Bigfoot sightings, so I’ll believe it!
Nobody asked you to provide proof lonehunter. In fact, people said they believed you. Quit being such a sensitive Californian.
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