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Video Editing Software

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So I am new to this go pro stuff. Is there a simple editing software that everyone uses for their go pro footage?
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Always amazes me how I start researching something and someone else posts nearly the same thing. Last night I started looking into different video software, specifically I was looking for something to "smooth out" jerky hand held video. I decided to buy something good in the next little bit.

So far, in my research I'm down to AVS video editor and Cyberlink PowerDirector


There are more expensive softwares out there but for consumer grade stuff, this is the best for the price.

I installed AVS last night and played around with it, seemed decent, did some misc editing and saved out movies. Going to try PowderDirector tonight if I get time.

Ironically... I got the best performance fixing the video shake by using the free virtualdub and a special filter. Virtualdub sucks for overall editing though.

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I am a Mac guy so I'll chime in -

All the Mac computers come with iMovie which will allow you to edit movies, add music, transition from scene to scene, add text, and more.

However, I have also used Adobe Premiere and LOVED it. It can be expensive though because you need a monthly membership nowadays, but I'd strongly recommend it.

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