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Wanting to try out a kayak hunt

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I have a kayak that I want to try to do some duck hunting from. I've never done this, so I am just wondering what bodies of water I can hunt from which may hold some accessible birds and can launch with relative ease.
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Most any WMA will work.
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I would play to the strengths of the kayak, and hunt a motor-less unit at one of the WMA's. Where are you located?
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Im in salt lake county. I'm up for a motor less WMA or lake, but a bit unsure of where I can hunt.
Page 15 of the proclamation

Portions of four WMAs have been set aside
for hunters who enjoy walking or paddling
nonmotorized boats into the marsh. Motorized
boats, which are boats with a motor of any
kind, including a gas engine or an electric motor,
are not allowed in the following areas:
•Clear Lake: The entire WMA
•Farmington Bay: South Crystal Unit
•Harold S. Crane: Rainbow Pond Unit and
the main East Pond Unit
•Public Shooting Grounds: Widgeon Unit
Go to http://wildlife.utah.gov/hunting-in-utah/hunting-information/waterfowl.html to see where the boat launches are.
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Please practice shooting in very shallow water if you can. I've watched people take a dip, not a pretty sight.
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