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Twelve points got me a Wasatch late elk tag this year. I was excited for the hunt and expected the snow and cold temperatures to have them moving lower. I've been on this unit before and seen several bulls daily, but this time, scouting before the hunt didn't turn up much. After five days and many miles on the boots, seeing very few bulls, the miles each day got tougher and tougher. Friday morning the 18th, I was solo, and getting the truck stuck going somewhere I shouldn't have was the low point. After hiking several miles out to get cell service and finally getting pulled back onto the road (I owe you, Quinn), I found myself with only a couple hours of light left and no plan. I decided to check an area where we'd seen a decent bull a couple days before that we estimated would go about 320". He was in the bottom of a nasty, steep canyon (of course) and with a little brush in front of him, and at 700 yards I didn't feel comfortable shooting. We worked our way around the top of the draw above him but he gave us the slip. As I drove up to the top of that same draw, at the edge of a large clearing, I was shocked to see a mature bull right out in the open at about 200 yards. As I got out as quietly as I could and sneaked around behind some trees, I could tell he wasn't going to stay around and thought for sure he would dive back into the same canyon. Luckily, he decided to go up and over the top of the small bowl we were in and paused to look back at about 380 yards in the open. Two shots from the 6.5 PRC connected and he went about 200 yards and piled up, only a short hike away. With help from one of my sons and a couple friends, he was packed out and in the bed of the truck. He's got decent mass, huge threes (20 1/2" and 21") and tapes out right at 340". I'm not sure if I feel more lucky, happy or relieved.

Edit: Brain cramp - I forgot to mention that we pulled this Muzzy out of his right shoulder when we caped him. Nice shot, but right in the bone and it didn't get a whole lot of penetration. Looked like it hadn't been there too long.

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