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Somebody dug platforms and camped up Emigration before or during the rains last week and left a garbage fire burning intentionally or unintentionally. Pretty sure they were fellow bowhunters and nearly burned down the forest up there.

I had three bulls going crazy Thursday on either side of the trail there and could smell smoke. When I saw what it was coming from I couldn't believe it. It's only a mile and a half from there to the trail head. Why would you burn your garbage right there? I have no issues with burning your garbage, but that close to the trail head and especially when there's running water within 100 yards of your camp you couldn't carry it or make sure it was drowned out?

Needless to say after they left it started the loamy soil of that bed platform on fire and burned around that tree during the rains last week. I put it out by digging up all the ashes and mixing them with the wet soil around there, but the billows of smoke it blew the elk that were going off out of there and over into no mans land.

I'm one that believes we should let the forest burn when natural fires occur but that is not the place or a very good PR move for us hunters in that canyon with all the money homes below there.

Hoping this finds the culprits so they know that they f'd up big time, so spread the word if you know anyone who's been hunting up Emigration canyon. For the rest of us it's a friendly reminder that one red coal can still go a long ways.



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