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Wasatch or Manti

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If you had points to draw this tag this upcoming year, which unit would you hunt and why? Archery tackle.

I am very familiar with wasatch and would be willing to put in the leg work. Just wondering upon elk numbers and bull size and opportunity for tagging out.

Thanks guys!
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Love both these units!! I feel like pressure is worse on the Wasatch as far as competition with other hunters. But I think the caliber of bulls can be a little better on the Wasatch even with the pounding in recent years. Though there are great bulls on both units. I would probably say hunt whatever is closer to you that way you can scout as much as possible prior to the hunt.
I have not hunted the manti but I do have friends that drew that archery tag this fall. They had great success and saw tons of bulls. But like any unit they had to do a lot of scouting to get a bull worthy of a LE tag. In the end they said that they will be back as soon as they can. I'm sure both are great units.
I think the Manti will become increasingly a little more difficult to draw and the Wasatch a little more easy as people jump ship from the Wasatch pool and start putting in for the Manti. I've always been a Manti guy, but I had a great experience on the Wasatch this year and was in bow range of good bulls almost every day. The biggest was around 360. I saw anywhere from 5 to 13 bulls most days. Pressure was non-existent where I was hunting. I never saw so much as a boot track. I still prefer the Manti, but getting a Wasatch expo tag wasn't a bad position to be in.
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I am leaning towards the Snatch as I am very familiar with the unit. The age class is still way high for the 3 year average I am hope there are still a few bulls up there that will be pushing a 320 mark or higher...

Manti I hear there are alot of elk behind every tree... thats why I was asking about which is a little better, but I guess it all comes down to personal preference!
Thanks for helping guys!
There is not elk behind every tree on the manti. To many cow tags are given out on the manti too
I would hunt the unit you know best and could spend the most time on. I'd personally hint the Manti, because that's where I grew up hunting and I know the unit very well. I also spend time on the Wasatch but not as much.

I typically see more elk on the Manti, but there are still some great Bulls wandering around the Wasatch.
For the amount of points your talking,

I'd take Dutton, Fishlake, Nebo , or La Sal all over the Wasatch or Manti.
What's nice is that you have reasonable expectations. I think that a nice mature 6 point bull in the 300"-330" is very doable on the Wasatch or Manti with an outside chance at something bigger. I hunted the Wasatch this year for bulls and cows and I had no problem finding lower 300" bulls. Maybe I'm just easy to please but to me, a 300"+ 6 point bull is an awesome trophy.

The guys I worry about are the ones who come on with no knowledge and still have expectations to find a 370" bull. I'm not sure if that ever was reasonable.-----SS
The guys I worry about are the ones who come on with no knowledge and still have expectations to find a 370" bull. I'm not sure if that ever was reasonable.-----SS
Thing is,
Those are the same guys that thing a 'true' 330 bull IS a 370.......;-)
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Both last night and this morning we saw some REALLY nice bullsl..:!:..

Headed back out in an hour to look til dark...:cool:...

You would take a Nebo tag over the Wasatch or Manti? You must know that unit well because my perception is that the Nebo is a step down from both of those units.

The Nebo tag was a step down from those two units for 5 or 6 years.

Not any more IMO. The nebo is rebounding nicely...

And yes , for 2016 I would take the nebo tag over those two for muzzy or rifle.
Archery though I would go Manti on top of the 3 mentioned units.
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