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What a shot

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Years ago while hunting elk with my dad in East Canyon, we spotted a nice bull I would guess maybe 400 yards away across a canyon. The bull was following three cows and I m sure he had carnal thoughts rushing through his head. My dad was shooting a Remington 760 30-06 rifle at the time and frankly, wasn't to good with it. Dad sat down, took a fine bead and sent a Silvertip on it's way. The old bull, which had been prancing alone behind the cows with his head in the air came to a sudden stop, dropped his head, and never moved another inch. The cows ran off in fright, but the old bull just stood there, his nose barely off the ground. He didn't run, he didn't fall, he just stood there, looking as if he had lost his best friend. What could be wrong with this elk, he hadn't appeared to have been mortally shot, no staggering, no humping his back, and he must have known he was under fire..and yet there he stood...hanging his head and tail..the very picture of sadness. The three shot clip was emptied out before the old boy met his maker and dad and I rushed across the canyon to claim the prize. When we reached the elk, we discovered the reasons for the suicidal tendencies of the old bull, the very reason why this guy threw in the towel...with his first shot, dad had cleanly removed every inch of penis God had bestrode on that poor old bull!
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for the record the texas heart shot is straight up the rectum. ( butthole ) for the lay-persons. i heard about a similar deal from a friend, and he said the bull did the exact same thing. It must be a truly paralyzing feeling. one i do not want to know. maybe we could employ a similar technique with sex offenders.
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