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I saw one like it at Farmington on the youth opener. I don't know anything about duck boats. What makes the hull design better then others?
Should have come and said hi!

This hull design is longer (24') long and 48 inches wide. This is used to spread the water displacement in order to haul more weight and have it distributed through out the boat length. This allows us to ride in shallower water that say a normal jon boat. The width also allows us to ride in narrow canals that have lots of over growth of frag that wider boats will hit the edges and cause alot of drag.

Another benefit is that the front has a hard cover that holds 6 to 9 doz decoys so that they are not being stepped on or broken when coming in or going out. This allows us to take Disabled hunters in wheel chairs and also more guys with the gear being stored and not just under the hunters boots.

Hope that makes sense.

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