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A bishop is preparing to host the pope for dinner at his church and sends a priest to catch a fresh fish for dinner. He boards a boat and soon catches a fish large enough for the meal. A deckhand nets the fish for the priest and says " that is a nice son of a b*tch!". The priest gasps at the language and the empbarassed deckhand assures the priest that this is the actual name for this particular fish. The priest return to the church and is greeted by the bishop. He asks "did you get a fish for dinner?" He says, "Yes I caught the son of a b*tch!" The bishop gasps at the language and is assured that this is the true name of the fish. He is satisfied and proceeds to clean the fish. He then takes the fish to a nun to cook it for supper. " Will you cook this son of a b*tch?" he asks. She gasps at his language but he assures her this fish is just called a son of a b*tch.

The pope arrives at the church and is seated at a beautifully prepared table. The fish is brought out on a silver platter and the lid is removed.

The pope says "My what a beautiful fish you have prepared for our dinner"

The priest says " Yes, I caught the son of a b*tch!"
The bishop says "And I cleaned the son of a b*tch!"
The nun says "And I cooked the son of a b*tch!"

The popes eyes get huge as he stares at them in disbelief
and says " Well! ................... You Fu**ers are alright!"
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