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What's the problem

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I have stated before I have never hunted swan in my 20 years of hunting nor thought about it tell my son asked if he could. I've bothered many poeple (which I do appreciate) looking for advice. Ive been on here learning what i can and 90% of people have all said the same basic thing which is stand under them and shoot when there's one low enough so I want to ask is it my technic, my timing, my lack of experience or am I just not that lucky?

We have now hunted 13 days just for a swan we have had at least 20 birds fly within 80-100 yards over us and I haven't let my kid shoot cause Ive been waiting for the right situation and not wound one or worse kill and can't recover it. I gave up on decoys they have never showed interest in them and now I'm just chasing the paterns in the sky only to see others sky bust at them I've been brbr, farmington and hc. Am I in the wrong should I be letting him fire away at anything near by? Does it really take this much time and effort? Am I over thinking them? Am I getting bad advice? Or are we just not that lucky? (Yet) I just want to give my kid the best experience and that patience persistent and proper etiquette is the way.
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Try howard s. slough in hooper.
You should be able to get a 30 yard shot fairly easily. My son killed his there this year and it was a 35 yard shot on the second outing after swans this season. Be out there 10 minutes before shooting light and wait for them to come off the roost. They all get up at once and fly over the west dikes. 15 yard shots are not hard to come by if your "lucky" and standing where they decide to fly over. He killed his swan last year over 13- 13 gallon white trash bags. They were landing in them.
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I have 3 buddies kill there at Howards slough in the last 5 days
I was out at BRBR and had flock after flock buzz us at about 25 yards before my buddy finally took his shot at about 15-20 yards. We literally passed on 5 big shootable flocks before he decided to take this shot. That was about a 15 minute hunt.. Better get on it though! with this frozen cold weather they will be moving out in short order. my advice would be to go to the BRBR and be set up and ready to shoot by 330 and then get under where they seem to be flying. its not that complicated.
He wanted to go every day, he never complained, he never questioned, he never got frustrated, he never wanted to give up. He truly earned it.


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He wanted to go every day, he never complained, he never questioned, he never got frustrated, he never wanted to give up. He truly earned it.
Good job!!
Excellent! Happy to see he got it done.:)
Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo

Hip Hip Hooray!!
Very nice
That is exactly what it is all about right there!! Enough said. Congratulations to you and that trooper of a young man!
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