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So where and what areas do you community fish, and how do you do?

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That is a nice clean little pond. I tried it for a few minutes once, but it was the same old community pond skunking for me.[/quote]

You should do well at most community ponds.
What are you fishing with?
We should be able to get you into fish, if we know what you need to do different than you are doing now.

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That depends on what on the time of the year and what I am fishing for. In the spring fall and winter I like to fish Jensen Pond (Syracuse) and the Kayville ponds for trout. In the Summer Maybi, and Jensen for Channel Cats. And for you nibble nutts it is called fishing and not catching.

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Holmes in Layton
Maybe Pond in Clearfield
Jensen Nature pond in Syracuse
Weber River on Riverdale river walkway
>Also where can be accessed with in Ogden city
Ogden River on Ogden river walkway

I would like to try
Meadow Creek Pond in Roy
Four Mile creek- I found this on the stocking report, couldnt find it on a map and no one has heard about it appearently, so it must be good....
Burch creek-has the same story as Four mile

My daughter loves to come to most of these places with also as they are close to home and usually have other ammenties.
Good times.
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