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Where is a good place to go in box elder county to duck hunt? Is their ducks on the bear river?
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katorade said:
Where is a good place to go in box elder county to duck hunt? Is their ducks on the bear river?
I think there's about three WMA's lined up North to South along the I-15 corridor and one reservoir that has been an item of discussion on here. If you get one of the Procs, it should have WMA's listed in it. Are there ducks on the Bear.... well, yeah, they're there but I have no idea where and I've never hunted it. I've only heard of guys who have.... 8)
Salt Creek, Public Shooting Grounds and Bear River Bird Refuge....check out Cutler too..... There are guys on here who hunt all of those so you might get or have gotten some PM's by now. Good luck.... I'll be hunting Farmington and possibly trying out my legs on some of the areas up north.... :wink: If I make it up your way, you're more than welcome to come with... I'll shoot you a PM if I go.
Cool, make sure you take some pics and throw them up here after the youth hunt. Hope you have a great time and find some good areas for later!! 8)
What I do is go to Photobucket.com. I set up an account there (its free) and you download your pictures from your computer to your photobucket account. Once they're on your Photobucket account, you have four "links under your picture. I click on the IMG link and then get on here. When you post, hit control V and that will paste the link in your post so when you put it on here, it shows your picture right in the post. I think somebody posted that you can put pictures on here right from your computer but I've not tried that since Photobucket is so easy for me to use.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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