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Which Flag?

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Alright, here are the finalists...

For all the Utahns in the room, which do you prefer?

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Don’t change.
Keep the original.
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I honestly don’t care. But if I had to choose, the flag would need to represent us as the world sees us: arches/national parks, fry sauce, soda shops, swingers….
How do you sign up for that?
Should a person only be allowed to vote or comment on State flag issues if you are a native of said State?
I would never even believe I have the right to comment on another State’s flag different from where I was born.
“Not sure why birth location matters”???
Uhh, because this is the State I was born in and am dang proud to say that!
Are you not proud of the State you were born in?
No, no, no , you guys have it all wrong.
You have to like fry sauce ON your green Jello and they must be smashed up against the funeral potatoes on the same plate.
I guess I'm a native......I like all three.
I can't believe anyone wouldn't like fry sauce or funeral potatoes. 😁

We do our potatoes in a cast iron pan. Makes it crunchy instead of mushy. It's outstanding.

I remember getting fry sauce at the Artic Circle drive in on 2nd South and 7th East when I was a kid in the early 60's. Dad worked at the gas station on the other corner at nights for a second job.
I hadn't thought about that in years.
Excellent memory!
My Grandpa and Grandma lived in Murray and when we visited they would go get us Arctic Circles ‘Burgers in a bag’.
There were 10 burgers in that bag and the bag cost one dollar.
I believe AC was on State Street a block or two south of the A&W on 45th or so.
Fry Sauce….yum!
I think all the Utah plates are pretty lame. It's like whoever designs the Utah plates just finished Graphic Design 101. Our neighboring states put Utah to shame.

Montana has some really unique themed plates: Wildlife and Other Animals - Montana Department of Justice
Yes they do.
I really like the Pheasants Forever plate but I’m afraid the majority of us on this site really should be signing up for The Loon Society plate…
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I like the newly mandated off-highway plates. Simple and brown.

I do not like that we have to have them on things like ATV'S but visually they look ok. View attachment 155826
Did registration fees go up to pay for new plate?
Have to get money back for that new prison somehow!
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