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Which Flag?

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Alright, here are the finalists...

For all the Utahns in the room, which do you prefer?

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I wish I knew the meaning behind some of these flags. That's important. I need context for the symbolism.

for example, I don't know what these flags even represent:
Flag Font Automotive exterior Rectangle Slope
Rectangle Font Electric blue Symbol Event
Sky Water Electric blue Symmetry Art

these look like they belong somewhere in the middle east:
Triangle Tree Font Rectangle Tints and shades
Water Sky Rectangle Font Circle

This might be a candidate for Czez Republic alternate flag:
Triangle Rectangle Art Water Font

I'm good with the behives, and maybe even something including the Arch.

What is the meaning behind an eight-pointed star??
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non of the proposals say "Utah" to me, with the exception of the arches. Noone outside of Utah would recognize the behive as Utah (the Beehive State).

The sego lily flag is probably my favorite -- but that's only because I happen to recognize that as a sego lily, which is the Utah state flower. But, again, how does that reach out to non-Utahns that can't tell the difference between a sunflower and sego lily?

Plant Rectangle Font Cartoon Bird

The only thing I can come up with on the eight-pointed star (thanks Google) is it is a religious symbol - but not necessarily any specific religion. It can also be referred to as a chaos star. heck, the more I read, the more I find on them -- which leaves far too many interpretations for people to come up with, which means that (in my opinion) it should be omitted.
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Sorry... I still think our current flag is very cool. One of the few state flags showing the national American Flag.

Eagle is striking and awesome, the arrow heads a shout out to out Native American tribal heritage, the Beehive is fine, symbol of Industry, and the Seago Lilly which is a symbol of the pioneer struggles settling this valley.

I kind of feel wanting to change so dramatically, is shXXting on our heritage to a certain degree.

I think Dallan is thinking in the right direction. If the current flag is to be replaced, then new flag should represent Utah's heritage, which is exactly what the old flag does.

Those proposed flags all feel like a cop-out, similar to what we saw with Cedar High School eliminating Redmen, and replacing with a combination of "Reds" (what is a Red??) and using a wolf as a mascot. If the flag is to be redesigned, it should be done with respect to the what's, why's, and how's of Utah. The one that represents a sego lily and the two with the arch are the only proposals that even hint at the history and heritage of Utah.
... As for Cali, the bear is OK, but what iconic Utah creature would fit? The only one that comes to mind is the seagull.

I've never been more disappointed in you before this comment. So very sad.

Food Cuisine Fish Pattern Cone
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OK -- that's great with the explanations. But it causes me more concern.

Vanilla posted another thread about the name of Kyhv Peak. This makes me wonder about the flag designs, particularly the star which is represents the 8 tribal nations. My question is: were the 8 tribal nations consulted with this star? Is that how they view their representation?

If we are going to honor our tribal history, then I would like to see something that better represents those tribes. Maybe an 8 pointed dream weaver? Or 8 eagle feathers. Or 8 hoops. Or an 8 pointed star made from arrowheads. If it represents our tribes, make it look native, not middle-eastern.

Flag Font Astronomical object Circle Symbol

(make those stars arrowheads)
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Cat -- I gave you the thumbs up even before your last sentence!

i like the sego lily flag. Maybe just a few tweaks: beehive, arrowheads, BCT

Rectangle Symbol Electric blue Petal Symmetry
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I'm sure someone more talented than me could come up with a nice arrowhead star....

Plant Moths and butterflies Symmetry Monochrome photography Pattern
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I don't know -- that's pretty ugly. But I still think the star is lacking in it's current configurations.

I'm surprised that the SLC flag doesn't have more colors in it. You know, more rainbows.
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...I don't think the SLC flag has a sego lily. I believe it is a marijuana bud.
SLC flag looks like a butthole.
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that's what she said.
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