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Which Flag?

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Alright, here are the finalists...

For all the Utahns in the room, which do you prefer?

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I like the old one much better than any of these. :rolleyes:

But a few initial comments;

1. If I was forced to pick, I would go with 4,9, or 10. None of them really grab me though.
2. #8 is the Delta airlines insignia? Good grief.
3. I agree with PBH that a lot of them with the stars look like flags from various Islamic states. I don't think that fits our demographics.
4. Dallan, the flag you posted already is the de facto state flag south of Nephi. ;)
5. And yes, what is the significance of the 8 pointed star?
Critter comes from a dumpster fire crap hole, yet their flag is great. Lone Hunter is an invader from that other crap hole of California, but their flag is good too.
As a former resident for 4 years of Critters state, I thought the CO flag was OK, but kind of a 70's ish vibe. I'm not sure it has aged well. As for Cali, the bear is OK, but what iconic Utah creature would fit? The only one that comes to mind is the seagull. I suppose we could have it crapping on a windshield or a pan of green jello. 🤷‍♂️

I like the idea of having Delicate Arch on the flag, but the designs here just don't do it for me. They look more like disembodied legs or something out of a Pink Floyd video. I love the arch license plate. Could they maybe do better with the arch and maybe incorporate the beehive too?
I've never been more disappointed in you before this comment. So very sad.

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You are right. I am so ashamed. 😞

(and a BCT won't poo on my windshield. either)..
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After reading the explanations, I'm favoring the Sego Lily even more. ( #10) It has the beehive, the 8 pointed star, and the lily, so it covers the elements they want to incorporate. It also is aesthetically better than the others to me and doesn't look Middle Eastern.

Now if they could sneak in the Bonneville cutt into the flag, it would be perfect. ;)
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The sego lilly version looks like a butthole. Sorry, not sorry!
:oops: Not seeing that, and I professionally have to look at a fair number of them every day.

Do we have any proctologists on here that could weigh in on this?
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I suppose if you desire that designation, far be it for me to say you can't have it.
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**** I'm a third generation born and raised in Utah person and can't stand any of the above. I guess I don't know what I am.

I don't either.

1.My ancestors on one side date to pioneer times and one ancestor founded a small town in the SW desert. (Garrison) The other side were Utahns 2 generations before I was born.
2. I was born in Idaho but my folks moved back to Utah when I was 2.
3. I grew up and went to school here and graduated from the U.
4. I then, as an adult, lived in Colorado for 4 years and Nevada for 10.
5. We then moved back and I have been a Utah resident for the last 19 years with no plans of leaving.
6. I dislike fry sauce and funeral pototoes make me gag, but am cool with green jello.

Interpretation? 🤷‍♂️

1. I don't feel qualified to comment on the design of the Idaho state flag.
2. I am apparently not eligible to vote for a new design of Utahs flag but may have enough "gravitas" to render an opinion that the Sego lily flag does NOT look like an anus.
3. Everybody on here despises me because I've been a hated Coloradan and Nevadan.
4. I still like the old flag, but if the powers that be are intent on changing it, then hope that something decent is picked and hope you true blue Utahns pick a good version that includes the Bonneville cutthroat trout. ;).
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The origin of fry sauce was just a couple blocks from my home in Provo. I remember back in the 60's being able to go over to that location and buying a bag of fries for 75 cents and it was a huge grocery sack full of fries.
I bet the story behind the origin of fry sauce has more versions than the "Strawberry wobbler" does.
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No its very clear. It was invented by Don Edwards who started the Artic Circle food chain in the 1940s

Yeah, you may be right. The first place I remember getting fry sauce when I was a kid was at Arctic Circle.
Fry sauce is great. If you don't like fry sauce, you definitely don't get to vote on the flag. I would say you have to leave the state, but we have to have some diversity here. It absolutely disqualifies you from voting on the flag, however. And maybe should trigger some sort of red flag law, or something. (not that kind of red flag law...this isn't a gun thread!)
It has already been established that I don't get to vote on the flag, but the rest seems a bit harsh. Don't I get due process on the red fry sauce law? I actually will eat it sometimes, it just isn't my favorite. Can't say the same about funeral potaotes, I don't like the cheese. :sick:
I’ve been trying to figure out why the sego lilly flag bothered me, and I think I may have discovered the source:

View attachment 153343

I can see why PBH likes it. He has always been in favor of turning the rest of Utah to be just like Salt Lake City.

[email protected]*n liburls, trying to steal the best designs.

There is still hope, PBH. There are no BCT in the design, and more importantly, I don't think the SLC flag has a sego lily. I believe it is a marijuana bud.
Maybe we can put a giant middle finger on our flag?

(For those that say people don’t associate the beehive…what does Forbes call us?)

After reading that article, I'm more convinced than ever that the sego lily design is fitting for the flag. However, a hat should be put above the lily.
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Well, it looks like the adzhat, uh sorry, wait, Sego lily design didn't make the top 5. :confused:

Here are the top 5 finalists.

Can't say any of those 5 do it for me. (maybe the beehive surrounded by stars if you twisted my arm.) I would favor leaving it as it is, but what do I know. I was born in Idaho. ;)
Meh. Of the "mountain design" ones, I think I would take your previous #3 over that one, but they kind of are all the same. At least they had the good sense not to use the Delta Airline one.

Wonder how spirited the legislative debate will be for final approval?
Not terrible, but I'll stick with Delicate Arch. ;)
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I'm actually quite surprised at the backlash. I have never bought a state flag. I may pick up one of the new ones.

No kidding. One of the reps that was on the commission and favored the new flag received "feedback" calling her a traitor from some "patriots" that didn't like the change. It seriously isn't that big of deal, especially with them continuing to use the old flag in many circumstances. :rolleyes:
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Looks like the anti new flag patriots fell short on their referendum effort, so its official now.

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