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Which Flag?

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Alright, here are the finalists...

For all the Utahns in the room, which do you prefer?

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There's a new bug in the forum software with images not displaying. If you go to the USS Texas thread I started, all of Critters images he posted disappeared. I'm not sure whats going on.

I posted like 4 different versions of the flag that all disappeared. I got one to show up now... for the moment anyway.

The site that was hosting them must of taken them down.

I looked and it looks like they were edited right out of the post.
WRONG. They only voted to change it. What organization or individual put them up to it? It might have been an individual within the legislature but whose idea was it?
Looks like it was Daniel McCay in the Senate and Stephen Handy in the House

Some of the reasons are pretty lame from what I have read on it. One claimed that it doesn't stand out as much as the other states flags and that they couldn't pick it out as they were walking down to the halls in Washington. I have actually watched a few things on TV and don't have any problem picking it out as long as they are in the area where it is displayed.

If they want one that will stick out how about a hunter orange one with something else in the center?
I am kind of confused about being a native Utahn.
my family on both sides have been long time Utah people.
But saying that…….I ended up bring born at Ft Polk, Louisiana after my dad was drafted just after the Korea mess. They moved back to Utah after he finished his stint in the Army.

So am I native ? :unsure:
I think that as long as you have fry sauce on your french fries and like lime Jello along with funeral potato's you are a Utahan.
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The origin of fry sauce was just a couple blocks from my home in Provo. I remember back in the 60's being able to go over to that location and buying a bag of fries for 75 cents and it was a huge grocery sack full of fries.
I bet the story behind the origin of fry sauce has more versions than the "Strawberry wobbler" does.
I have always heard that it came from the Arctic Circle on 900 East and around 450 North in Provo. That location was just a couple of blocks away from my grandads homestead and where we lived.
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I think all the Utah plates are pretty lame. It's like whoever designs the Utah plates just finished Graphic Design 101. Our neighboring states put Utah to shame.

Montana has some really unique themed plates: Wildlife and Other Animals - Montana Department of Justice
If you want to see some lame plates take a look at Colorado's
Well it's official. Utah's new state flag

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Fixed it.

Thanks, I didn't even notice the 5 and 8 pt stars.
I think that the backlash comes from those who resist and don't like to change what they are comfortable with.

It cab be with their jobs, hobbies, life,and even a flag.
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