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Whitetail or Mule Deer

Whitetails in Utah?

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Herd people have been seeing Whitetails in Utah have you ever seen one or anyone you know seen one is it a true fact that they are here? Another question do you think Whitetails moving in Mule Deer country will hurt there winter range because Whitetails are low vally whilte Mulies are usually high? Also if you had to choose between one or the other would you choose the natural muley of the area or the new comer the whitetail? Please give your opinion on this subject.
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Whats the story behind the pic of that whitetail?? I know there was a picture of one on salty's website that someone shot in northern utah. I still say we need to keep whitetails out. We have enough problems with the mule deer herd already, especially north, where the whitetails are usually showing up.
Not exactly sure what the story is behind that whitetail he wasn't shot in Utah though.
I don't think I have seen a "real" whitetail in Utah, but I'm convinced I have seen two different bucks that were of whitetail decent. At least the racks looked "whitetailish", while the bodies were big and muley looking.
Someone on the DWR forum said that the two different animals will mate, mostly the buck whitetail with the doe muley and the offspring are sterile. I can't find any scientific stuff on that.
At any rate, we had a Wyoming F&G guy tell us the whitetails are moving into Utah at a pretty good rate. Again, I'm not sure it will be a good thing or bad, I just know they are coming and there isn't anything we can do about that!
Keep em' out...... Won't happen completely but hopefully if given the chance the deer hunters are filling their tags with whities.
You mean I could finally practice all of the preach that the national magazines, (Outdoor Life, Field and Stream), give in every magazine about hunting whitetails? Rubs, scrapes, tree stands, rubber scent-free boots, wee-willie-wickie scent wicks, buck bombs, doe bleats, grunt tubes, rattlin' antlers, doe in estrus, buck urine, tree stands over soy bean field, mandatory doe kill to earn a buck kill, whitetails are soooo much smarter than dumb mulies, etc??? Hooray!!! *()*

Realistically, given the over population problems with whitetails in other parts of the country, I'm not quite sure Utah is ready for whitetails. I would hate to see mule deer displaced by whitetails. It would sure be interesting to see what would happen if humans did not interfere and let nature take its course.
I'm not a fan of allowing them to move in, but what can you do about it. It is going to happen one way or another, its like in Jurrasic Park, nature will find a way. I think the DWR should start doing something about it right now, like if a hunter shoots a whitetail, the hunter should be able to bring the animal with antlers to the DWR and they could issue them a new tag for Muley. I think this could help solve part of the problem. But I think it is inevitable that they will hurt the Muley population because Whitetails are prolific reproducers.
In all reality, Utah is the ONLY mountain state that doesn't have significant whitetail populations. I don't see them as displacing mule deer. People are displacing mule deer. And whitetail get along better in the types of habitats that remain. Whitetail venison tastes better, and they are a very worthy opponent in the hunting game. I've hunted in states in areas where the herds overlap habitats. I've seen whitetails and mule deer running in the same herd. And in these same areas, I've seen more trophey-class mule deer bucks than any other place I've ever hunted. To assert that whitetail expansion into Utah will ruin the mule deer herds, is like saying that since the dodge dealership opened up, I won't be able to buy a chevy or ford anymore.
pardone me if i am not reading something here. but what is the poll question is it which we would rather take or if we have seen a whitetail in Utah? i would take the muley over a whitetail anyday call me sentimental but they are just sooooo much smarter and cooler than the whitetails. anyone can watch a ****** and figure out exactly where and when they will be at a particular place they follow patterns. while the mulies are much harder to pattern they might end up in the same place to feed but they will take different routes to get there.
The wife and i ahve seen a couple whitetails in utah. not in the northen area eather. We dont need are mulieys fighting for food with the whitetails.the muileys are all ready hurting from the winters.
Since Whitetails are not protected in Utah couldn't you just shoot them and not fill your tag and just shoot one or would that still be against the law.
Utah does not differentiate whitetail deer from mule deer. The same rules apply. You may lawfully take/tag one during season as outlined, but anything outside of that would be poaching.

Aside from that, I don't understand the hostility towards whitetails. Aside from just personal preference, like a guy liking brunette women more than say, blondes. As they co-exist in every other state around us, and live together quite happily, I don't see the threat. I'm cool if you just would rather hunt mule deer than whitetail deer. I get that part. But really - why all the hostility towards another type of hunting opportunity?
No they are considered a deer.

A better qestion. How many would shoot a white tail if they saw one during their hunt???
Say a 8 pointer was standing with a three point muley, which one would you shoot?
i am in no way a whitetail fan. but if there was a ****** standing next to a 3 point muley i would shoot the ******. only becaue i would want the muley to have a chance to get bigger.

i know eastern whitetails taste like beef but i have never had a western one. do they taste the same as their eastern brothern?
Once you eat whitetail venison, you'll spit out mule deer venison.
i have had whitetail and yes they do taste very good. but i like the taste of my beloved muley just as well. the best tasting stuff is antelope anyways.
In my opinion whitetails are dumb, I have never had them but if they taste better its because there not a true deer and let the farmers feed them instead of feeding themselves, kinda like a cow running to get its hay. I think they would hurt the mule deer here we are a desert and lately its really been showing everythings burning up and drying out. With whitetails and how their herd grows fast whats will happen when the natural muley herd comes off the mountain to spend a hard winter eating sage brush and stuff and they have more competition than just people moving into there territory but now a new type of competeter who competes for the same things they do. About the smarts of a whitetail which feels like you've get the most success out of a OIL mule deer or a big whitetail buck. Whitetails come in to grunts, scents, rattling antlers, follow the exact same path every day, are easier to figure out, come into foods like c'mere deer, let the farmers feed them, and are all around just not as wise as an old muley buck. I don't know of many mulies that fall for tricks at all. I have tried doe scent and all the works trying to get anything to come in it dosen't happen with muleys, but whitetails come runnin the second you pick up your call. Now obviously you know which buck i'm leaning twards but I feel like the mule deer is more special than any whitetail and to rid even if just a few more a year because of a different breed is a disgrace. If whitetails were ment to be here they would have been here, the west is muley country lets keep it that way, go east to kill you a whitetail.
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they are here already and other than taking one when you get the chance nothing is going to change that if they will co-habitate that would be great as the do in all the other states
that have both but i do prefer our mulies as far as taste i have hunted whiteys in montana
whyoming and alberta and i must admit they do have a more delecate flavor but i m sure as heck not going to spit out mulie venision either and while i do not see much of a chanch of the getting out here in the desert were i live the more agricultural areas will in time see more and more of them.
GaryFish said:
Once you eat whitetail venison, you'll spit out mule deer venison.
Whitetail is better table fare than mule deer IMO. But both pale in comparison to Axis deer.
I believe I read once that Utah was the only continental state that did not have the whiteys?? I like that claim, would be nice to keep it that way, not a big deal.

If the question is which of the two bucks I would shoot given the opportunity from the pics above, I would say the muley hands down is a much better looking trophy. I guess if I already had numerous muleys the ****** would be a nice unique trophy for here.
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