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Who wears rubber gloves to clean game ?

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i see lots of people wearing rubber gloves in pictures of animals being cleaned what’s up with that !
no water ?
I personally don’t carry any latex gloves and never have anywhere
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I started using latex gloves back in 2010, and have no reason to quit.

In 2009 I had a couple unit 99 doe antelope tags in Wyoming - this was back when there were leftovers and a person could just log in and buy them . . . there was also a lot more antelope in unit 99 back then, or so it seems.

Anyway, I didn't get all the "goods" off my hands after cleaning the antelope and stopped for a delicious lunch at Don Pedro's in Evanston. Even after washing my hands, there was still a little lingering smell. I took one bite of chips and salsa, got a little whiff of the antelope smell left on my hands, and couldn't take another bite.

Personal preference, but I use them when cleaning any type of bird, animal, or fish.
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Just how much blood do you even get on your hands field dressing say a deer or antelope? (lets exclude elk / moose etc from this).

I never split the rib-cage, I dont like how "floppy" the carcass becomes, and I find it gets more dirt / dust in side. I usually only get a single hand with blood on it when dressing out a deer... other hand is the "knife hand" and it stays relatively clean. Until its time to cut off the windpipe / esophagus, I rarely have blood much past the palm.

For the windpipe, I've learned how to get at it hold it and cut it off with 1 hand. That's the only time blood ever gets past my wrist, but rarely much further than that, and usually its the last step.

After that clean up is a breeze, use those dehydrated towel pellets with a cap full of water, clean off then use the rest to splash water inside the carcass then sit down and take 5 minutes to appreciate the view / experience before the drag work begins.

Personally, I use the gutless method regardless of the animal or the distance from/to camp - so hardly any blood gets on the gloves. Have you ever accidently touched the tarsal gland on a mule deer? That takes the stink to a whole different level! Gloves to the rescue, again!
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For whatever reason diet coke is a release agent for blood. It's the only acceptable use for diet coke!
You were already at hero status in my book - this comment just moved you to Super Hero status!! :ROFLMAO:
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