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Hey Im signed up over here as well now.
Some of you have already seen this post at other forums, but some may have not so here it is one more time.

Just got back from my wifes parker mt antelope hunt. Had a great time. This was her first big game animal. It was fun to watch the day unfold. She had some realy close calls, and wether it was a spooky animal or a missed shot she just was not able to connect on about 6 or 7 real decent animals.

Due to a short time period to hunt (just the weekend) (mainly Saturday) it was now evening, and still no notch in the tag. But that changed with about 1/2 hour of light remaining. We found this guy and he gave her a great broadside shot - 120 yards. That one shot was all it took the goat only traveled about 10 yards (if that). It was a great hunt. She has already told me that she will definatly put in for an antelope tag again.

One of the other highlights of the day was a small buck that ran within 50 yards of us. I have video of him that I will try and share latter on when I download it from the camera.

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