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It appears we, the big, powerful-and evil- sportman have circumvented the due process of wildlife mangement..
I don't think the article was entirely about us circumventing the due process, but more in line with one man quitting before he really gave an honest effort to change it. RAC was set up to allow the common person to have a voice in how things were to be regulated. Most of us don't have wildlife management degrees, but rather a desire to see things run in a direction that fits out personal, or our groups, personal needs or wants.

The RAC meetings are rather short sited when the agenda is posted without any lead time for us lamens to do any research and fact finding in order to support a difference of oppinion from what has been proposed. It isn't fair in that respect.

As with any organization that allows public input, a lot of times, and it's probably true with RAC, there is a hidden agenda. In this case one that says, we will propose something, and let the public comment on it, but in the long run, what we say will become the new law no matter what the public says.

If you put yourself in a position to be on the committee, with the idea that you want to see it change, then you have to follow through with your intentions. You do what you can to make those changes to the system; bring to light the facts that big organizations have a larger voice than Joe the hunter. Joe the hunter also needs to know this and organize himself, with other Joe's so that their voice can be heard over the big organizations voice. Money talks, B*** S*** walks.

As for predator control, we have WAY TOO MANY cougars in this state, and more of us need to put in for and take down those animals! I'm all for fair chase, treeing and taking pictures. But when that animal is allowed to go free, another deer a month (or more) is going down as well.

Out of respect for the DWR, I think they have done a great job of getting the deer and elk hurds back to a respectable level. Perhaps more should be done especially with the elk on their winter ranges. In the Logan area especially. They cause a heck of a lot of damage to private ranches while they are held up waiting for the snows to melt. Maybe more depredation during those times.

I'm just one more "joe hunter".....with an A-hole...and an opinion!
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