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takemefishin said:
Place Fished: Willow Pond
Overall Poor Fishing. Rained Hard Had To hurry For Cover. at least i know what the fish were thinking for a change! I Know this isnt really post worthy but at least you know i tried for 30 minutes before the storm blew in.

ooh well mabey i'll have good luck down the road!!!

stay tuned.
for more adventures with

WOW!!!! Look who's fishing in a rain storm ???? :evil: Talk about NO common sense !!!! :twisted: :twisted:
What was it you said ?? Something about a 7 day forecast ? Gee, they even have 24 hour forecast !! ..Oh yeah, and 'up to the minute' forecast !!! I can't believe you put yourself at risk and whoever was in you're party !!! :evil:
No reason to die over a little fish !!!! ...In fact with the next two month forecast I'm not sure how you can even leave the house to get the mail !!! Let alone fishing !!!!
I hope you can see where I'm going with this....Perchy300...you were way out of line..!!!!
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