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Willow pond questions

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Hello everyone, just a quick question before I get to some paper work. :roll: I am planning on going fishing for about an hour after work at willow pond (picking up the lady from an appointment) and I have not fished there since I volunteered for the opening of the pond itself. I got the old spinner set in the jeep and just need some bait. :?: What would be a good tackle for there? :?: Also, does anyone know if they have stocked any ponds within the month? I called the DWR and they said they had no info and have not done many website updates since the other forum was shut down... but I thought it was fish stocking time! Anyways, thanks for the help ahead of time!
Robert :mrgreen:
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Willow has trout and catfish that have been stocked in the last month.
Try bait or spinners. A fly and a bobber may also be worth trying.
Catfish baits that are working include worms, shrimp, hot dogs, chicken liver, and any combination of them.
Some folks use a bobber with a small jig tipped with power bait or worm.
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