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Would you take the shot?

Would You Take The Shot?

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Would you take this shot?
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what weapon are we using.

bow = no way
rifle = yes
muzz = if he is close enough yes
I would wait until I saw him moving, but when hit in the neck with a rifle they go done hard.
Yes if I was using a rifle... using "Curveball"... no way. :lol:
It looks to be about 15 yards out and would be an easy shot with my muzz. If it's brown, It's down!!!!
yes. with any weapon. but it has to be close for the bow though.
I personally would think about it but in the end would not. BECAUSE how many of you guys can see the hunter that is standing right on the other side of the deer waiting to shoot at him after he passes where you are standing. I'd wait till i was able to make a shot NOT looking over a mini horizon
With a rifle yes, no way with a bow. Can't see enough of the vitals for a bow and neck shot is not a good option IMO.
i don't understand why you would with a rifle or muzzleloader but not a bow? you shouldn't do it with any of them go back to hunter saftey and ask them what an ethical shot is THERE IS NO FITALS SHOWING SO DON'T TAKE THE SHOT!!!!
Thats not a bad buck right there. I think most hunters would try a shot with any weapon, It's funny what people will do when they get buck fever.

I personnaly would take the shot if the buck was NOT moving and if I had a DEAD SOLID rest. Right behind the ear baby!

A smart and careful hunter should not take the shot without knowing what is in the background and especially also not take a shot if the buck is moving and your shooting freehand. If the buck isnt aware of your presence then it would pay to be patient and wait for a more clear and safe shot.

Nope would not do it. Biggest issue is the buck is too big. *()*
weatherby25 said:
Nope would not do it. Biggest issue is the buck is too big. *()*
:lol: Nice...... Seriously though.... I was sitting here thinking, well the vitals aren't wide open, etc, but if fired a heavy bullet from a high caliber rifle, are a few sprigs of sage really going to effect penetration of that bullet all that much?? I could see if you were aiming low firing right through branches and all that but sparse cover consisting of mostly green wispy tips of a sagebrush don't seem to me that they would change your shot all that much. I don't know about bullets from a muzzleloader and maybe I'm giving high powered rifles too much credit. What do you think?
Assuming this isn't a a trick photo with someone obscured in the fuzzy back ground, and the deer in not moving any faster than a slow walk?... if I had that deer in my sights at the very moment he is frozen in time in this photo...no brainer...meat on the table!
you cannot see what is behind that buck. I would not take the shot. I would wait unti he was on my side of the ridge or allow him to go down in the draw and stalk out in front and wait for him to emerge with a clean shot.
No brainer neck shot. There are plenty of vitals showing, the last time I checked the spine, and head are pretty vital to staying alive. The mini-horizon thing, well I will say that while approaching this buck I made sure that everything was clear behind him. That buck would be "One Eye to the Sky".

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