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this is great THANK YOU! i need my fill of wildlife news. great to see some back, now if only we could only get all to notice the link that will be great!
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I agree bossloader, I just wish they could have got this site up a few days earlier and this site would have got most of the old members here, it seems like most went to bullocks, which is fine, just don't have time to keep up with two forums. Plus this forum has the dancing banana. *()*
I think you may begin to see a bit of a migration over here.... I know I'm contemplating turning in the mod badge and becoming a full timer over here. I have a feeling others may follow suit... especially if they don't like some of the restrictions. 8)
Riverrat that is kind of the feeling I was getting and that is why I am not over there any more. Not to mention there are 50 different subjects and hard to follow. I was really turned off when someone posted a link to this site and it was erased. This site has links to all of the other forums, that show class in my opinion. Way to much advertisement on the Bullocks forum also. It is nice to see more and more familiar names appearing every day. *()*
I decided to join the ranks. I was lost but now am found on a discussion forum.
bossloader this is Scott63. Good to find you.
Hopefully we can get some discussions about CWMU's.
I am glad that I found this link on ksl. Work was sure boring without any discussion boards :)
not to mention this format is so much better looking!! *()* *()* :D :D
I was a lost soul as well. Great to have this site. I was really bummed when the dwr site was shut down. On another good note. Pre-season scouting is looking great come on October!
I think the users of the old forum will like the layout here since it is the same as it was on the DWR forum. Also, with the link to this forum posted where the DWR forum used to be, we should get lots of the original users here.
I agree. The fact that there are links to other forums on this site shows class and good will. I also like that the DWR links are found here as well as to other states. Very cool. Great job mystery man behind the mask!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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