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Youth Duck Hunt

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Well, I am taking my son on the youth duck hunt...rather he is taking me. I've never been much of a waterfowler, but he sure is excited. Good luck to all of you duck dads, moms, grandparents, etc... this weekend. Post pictures if you can.
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Now I know why the duckaholics get sooo excited this time of year. My 12 yr. old and my 8 year old joined a friend and his kids for the youth duck hunt. We spent the night in a motel in Brigham City (kids loved that) and then hit the public shooting grounds early the next morning. The ducks were flying so well that we didn't bother with the decoys.[attachment=2:ee691]100_2300.JPG[/attachment:ee691][attachment=1:ee691]J and A with Teal.JPG[/attachment:ee691][attachment=0:ee691]H with Teal.JPG[/attachment:ee691]

I hope all of you that took youngsters out had a fun outing. As mentioned in a previous post, we've got to do all we can to connect this generation to the outdoors...even if that means dropping $ on a hotel, shells, meals, gear, all for one green-wing teal. My coworkers don't understand the "bang" for the buck that seeing my 12 year old finally connect on a swift flying teal gives, but I will never forget.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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