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Youth Duck Hunt

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Well, I am taking my son on the youth duck hunt...rather he is taking me. I've never been much of a waterfowler, but he sure is excited. Good luck to all of you duck dads, moms, grandparents, etc... this weekend. Post pictures if you can.
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Bret W took my son and I out to HC WMA where we had the hunt of a lifetime. We had ducks coming into the dekes long before shooting time, and as soon as it was light enough to start identifying ducks the real fun began.

My son got the very first duck (a hen gadwall) that came in and then couldn't keep his gun loaded fast enough to flock shoot for the next 15 minutes, almost all of which were misses. After he calmed down a little bit and started taking his time he ended up with his limit, but by the end, he was getting picky and wasn't going to shoot anything but a drake mallard or wigeon. After several flights came and went, he got his wish and downed a nice greenhead, ending our shooting at about 8:15.

Molly worked the retrieves exceptionally well, and I can't thank Bret enough for taking us out.

Our afternoon hunt for my youngest at FB WMA (my older son just in case a goose came by and my youngest because he decided that since he had football game he couldn't get up that early and still play well) was not quite so good. We didn't get out until about 5:30 and we saw very few ducks. He didn't even get a good shot, but I've told him his day will come. He was wondering about duck hunting as we slogged off of the marsh in the dark but by the next day he decided he loved it, even though it was a lot of hard work.

It was a good day. Thanks to DWR for allowing the youth this opportunity.
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