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Took out a father and son yesterday for the youth hunt (Roger and Brandon). Just a couple of weeks ago Roger who is Brandon's father mentioned that his son was thinking about dropping hunting for awhile and had lost some interest in the sport. I was very excited to get Brandon out to my club and try to rejuvinate his interest in the sport. Roger and his son had a great time - a limit of ducks and some misses at geese!

Brandon had a great day out at the marsh and wants to get out again with us and do some more hunting. I just wanted to say how important it is for us sportsman do get our youth out in the wild and share with them our passion for the great outdoors. I was fortunate to have a father who got me out in the woods at an early age and teach me about woodsmanship and respect for others and game. It also helped that we shot a few ducks, but I believe what was even bigger was the time Brandon shared with his father and us in the blind (laughing and joking sharing stories about hunts past).

I challenge all of us to get our younger hunters out not just for a youth day but as often as possible during the season! We should even try to get some of their friends who may not even hunt out in the blind or woods with us and share that same enjoyment with them that we did with Brandon. Recruitment of new hunters is critical to our sport and conservation!

Anyone out there that would like to get out with their kids or just interested in sitting in a blind for a few let me know - I would love to have you out.

Have a safe and successful hunting season!
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