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Youth options for carp?

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I have a son that can not pull a bow back enough to bowfish for carp and he is feeling left out. He spots them for us, but what are some options for him to get involved? Is a pronged spear an option or will that just be an exercise in frustration?
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I'm sure some of that TSS would do the trick on carp! ;)

How close can he get to the carp? One of these might work, if he can get close enough . . .

You could always go the crossbow route.

(I assume they are legal to bow fish? If not, then disregard the comment…maybe…)
When I was 8-12 years old, I used something like this as I went carp spearing with my Dad and I was successful. Just straighten and sharpen the tines. Show him to be careful not to stab toward his feet.

Frog gig on longest broom handle you can find.
But, for maximum fun the CCI Quiet .22 cartridges in 710 fps is fantastic!
You would never find what I have used but we would go to DI's and buy all of their wooden mops that had two metal legs that attached the mop. We would just cut them off at a angle and sharpen them up.

I do like the crossbow idea or how about getting a real light pull recurve? When I started to shoot them with a bow I had a 35 lb recurve that I got with Green Stamps and a dozen cedar shaft arrows.
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I've sharpened a garden ho and wade out and just chop them right in the head!
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