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Crazy Preppers....

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So has the last 13 months or so turn anyone into a Prepper? I already had one foot in the door under the guise of "Disaster prepardness" with about 4 weeks of food and water in case of a natural disaster.

Today my basement looks more like a freaking bunker, and my home office looks like a freaking TOC.

I have to laugh at myself. Never thought id see the day when I'd turn into a prepper.

Someone once mentioned making a prepper thread. I'm bored, so here's my attempt at starting one. Discuss, or laugh, either way, I get it.
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I like to know where the prepper groups live. I can use my arsenal of weapons and ammunition to charge them for protection against possible threats.

Just like the 30's with "The Families" charging for protection in the neighborhood.
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Best bet is to form a neighborhood watch and keep people like Taxidermist out.

I've already planted that seed in my neighborhood.

For Rude!! :cry:
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I see the majority of the comments on preparedness is stuffing away food, ammo, water, etc. But what about fuel for the vehicles? Gas/Diesel Fuel doesn't have a long shelf life, but with a little stabilizer one can keep it around for at least a year.

I worried the new D party would reverse most, if not all the previous administration put into place. That being said, I have a couple fuel tanks I have filled at the lower cost ($1.85 gal. for diesel) months ago. I'll use that when prices reach $4.00 gal. and top it off when needed. Remember the gas wars in the 80's ?
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