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Crazy Preppers....

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So has the last 13 months or so turn anyone into a Prepper? I already had one foot in the door under the guise of "Disaster prepardness" with about 4 weeks of food and water in case of a natural disaster.

Today my basement looks more like a freaking bunker, and my home office looks like a freaking TOC.

I have to laugh at myself. Never thought id see the day when I'd turn into a prepper.

Someone once mentioned making a prepper thread. I'm bored, so here's my attempt at starting one. Discuss, or laugh, either way, I get it.
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I've done a few of the recommend actions in this thread:

A. Moved out of the HOA. Bought 10 acres. :)
B. I'm on my own well. this is a +. This is also a -.
C. Had a bidet installed in the master bathroom. :mrgreen:
D. 500gallon propane tank. Problem is that it needs to be refilled about every 3 weeks.
E. 50gallon drum full of water. It smells like a dead skunk. I guess I shouldn't drown the little basterds if I don't want it to stink like them.
F. I have a couple generators, "blue" fuel, and a couple propane heaters.
G. Seasoning / food. I have 10 acres of sagebrush. So, in the event of a major food issue: instead of tossing the drowned skunks, I'll season them with sage and cook them for dinner. :noidea:
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